how much to feed a 9 month old cat

How many meals should a cat eat in a day?

Amount per day (dry food)
6 weeks
2/3 to 1-1/3 lbs
1/4 to 1/3 cup
7 weeks to 5 months
1-1/2 to 5-¾ lbs
1/3 to 1 cup
6 months to 1 year
5-3/4 to 12 lbs
2/3 to 1-¼ cups

#4 4- to 6-Month-Old Kitten

Your kitten will begin to become accustomed to their new eating schedule during this phase. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re developing positive habits for adulthood because of this. Giving your kitten a variety of foods will prevent them from growing fussy and will keep their minds active. If kittens are fed a dry diet at this point in their lives, they may become addicted to the crunch and refuse to eat wet food in the future.

Food that is wet, or canned, has a higher moisture content (70–80%) than dry food (6%–2010%), is lower in carbohydrates, and is typically richer in animal protein that is appropriate for the species.

#2 4- to 8-Week-Old Kitten

Kittens usually begin the weaning process around their fourth week. They will begin to gradually switch from a milk or formula diet to a solid food diet during this time, which provides the protein, fatty acids, and nutrients needed to support their early development.

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Kittens that are bottle-fed until they are 4 to 5 weeks old still require milk replacement formula, but you can also begin a gradual transition to a diet of kitten food that has been diluted. To begin, substitute a loose slurry of wet kitten food and kitten formula on a spoon for some of the kitten’s regular meals. Next, gradually start feeding your kitten from a shallow saucer. You can stop bottle feeding the kitten once it is five or six weeks old and eating well.

Kitten Lady has an excellent video on transitioning your kitten from kitten formula to solid food.

Feeding Kittens at 4 to 6 Weeks Old

Kittens can begin weaning, or switching to solid food, at 3–4 weeks of age. Give them access to Royal Canin Mother multiple times a day. By the time a kitten is 5 or 6 weeks old, their baby teeth are erupting and they can better chew their food, so a gruel is no longer required. (Learn about kitten teething here. ).


How much do you feed a 9 month old kitten?

A general kitten feeding guide between 1-5 months is ½ cup of food per each kg of their body weight. For kittens between 6-12 months, this can be ¼ cup per each kg of their body weight.

How much should a 9 month old cat weigh?

Cat age
How much should a 9-month-old cat weigh?
7-9 pounds
How much should a 10-month-old cat weigh?
Around 10 pounds
How much should an 11-month-old cat weigh?
Around 10 pounds
How much should a 1-year-old cat weigh?
Around 10 pounds

Is 2 cans of wet food a day enough for a cat?

In general, you can feed an average-sized adult cat one 3-ounce can per 3 to 3½ pounds of body weight daily. You should adjust this amount depending on whether you also feed your cat dry kibble. Your veterinarian may also recommend feeding more or less wet food depending on your cat’s weight, health and other factors.

Does a 9 month old kitten need kitten food?

Around your kitten’s first birthday (or between 18 months and 2 years for large breeds), it’s time to switch to an adult cat food. We recommend transitioning to adult food over a 7- to 10-day period to help avoid any digestive upset.