what does a healthy cat look like

9. Likes to Chat

talking cat Happy cats can be chatterboxes. Their high-pitched “talks” are signs that they are happy, happy, happy.

Signs of a healthy cat

Healthy cats generally:

  • Are playful even well into old age
  • Are well groomed with a soft, silky coat
  • Have bright, wide-open eyes with no discharge
  • Have a firm stool, frequent urination, and good litter box habits.
  • Eat their food with gusto and drink plenty of water
  • Have a temperature hovering around 101 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Have pink gums and teeth free of tartar

2. Lifted or Twitchy Tail

Your cat’s tail can reveal a lot about her personality. A cat can display her confidence by holding her tail high in the air, and her happiness with those around her can be inferred from twitching the tip of her tail.

comfortable calico cat When cats are on the defense, they arch their backs, and their ears flatten. Happy cats will indicate they are such by being relaxes in their movements and sleeping positions. They will tuck their paws under when watching the world go by, for example.

cat with dilated pupils While your cat’s eyes won’t be dilated 24/7, a sign of happiness is a sudden dilation of the eyes—most people think it means their cat is about to go wild, but it’s not.

striped cat When cats are upset, they will fold their ears back against their heads. Happy cats’ ears are forward-facing as if to say they’re interested in what you have to say.

When it’s mealtime, a healthy cat will greet you with a grin, rub against your legs, and point out where the food is usually served.

Cats may change in how they play as they get older, but a playful nature is a sign of a happy cat. Happy cats make entertaining pets, whether they are chasing a toy or just jumping and running around.

long haired gray cat sleeping in plant Cats can nap anytime, anywhere and for any length of time—that’s surely why they call them “cat naps”; however, a happy cat will want to sleep with someone…on your lap, with a fellow pet, in your bed, etc. What is more, a happy cat will sleep but not in excess as that is a sign of an unhappy cat.


What should healthy cats look like?

Mouth and lips should be free of sores or growths. Coat: Should be shiny and clean. Weight: Active cats are rarely overweight. Ask your veterinarian for advice on providing the right cat food to maintain your cat’s healthy weight.