what does a himalayan cat look like

Himalayans are a medium-sized sub-breed of longhair cat. They are almost identical to Persians except that they have brilliant blue eyes and the colorpoint markings of a Siamese. That means they have creamy bodies with a darker face, ears, feet, and tail.


Although they don’t require much exercise, Himalayans occasionally get the zoomies. They are very naughty and will get into trouble if they get bored. By giving them lots of toys to play with and dedicating a short period of time each day for play, you can keep them occupied and happy. Himalayans are such playful people that they can pass hours on end playing with something as simple as a ball of paper.

what does a himalayan cat look like


The Himalayan really stands out thanks to its exquisite coat and coloring. The fur is long and flowing, with darker “points” on the face, ears, tail, and legs. It is either white or cream in color. The points can be lilac, chocolate, seal, red, and blue. Their tails arent long, but it is exceptionally fluffy.

Healthy Himalayans should feel strong and muscular without being unduly obese. Their head is relatively large compared to their body size, with a flattened face, large, wide-set blue eyes, small ears, and a snubbed nose.

The cat’s nose and paw pads should be the same color as its point, and its eyes should be a striking blue.

They are definitely not a hypoallergenic cat. They shed considerably without regular grooming.

Himalayan Characteristics

Himalayans are gentle, somewhat sedate cats, but theyre not boring. These cats like playing with toys, but unlike some other breeds, they aren’t likely to go crazy and start climbing your curtains. They are perceptive and clever, frequently greeting their owners at the door after a period of absence. Himalayan cats adore spending time with their families, cuddling, and petting them.

These friendly, medium-to-large cats can live quite happily in a home with other cats and dogs who get along with them, and they usually get along well with kids who aren’t too rowdy.

Affection Level High
Friendliness High
Kid-Friendliness High
Pet-Friendliness Moderate-High
Exercise Needs Low
Playfulness Moderate
Energy Level Low-Moderate
Intelligence Moderate
Tendency to Vocalize Moderate
Amount of Shedding High

what does a himalayan cat look like

The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong

what does a himalayan cat look like

The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong

what does a himalayan cat look like

The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong


What two breeds make a Himalayan cat?

Himalayan cats owe their origins to responsible breeders who carefully crossbred two popular breeds: Persians to Siamese to create a new hybrid breed with Siamese point coloring and a Persian’s long hair.

Do all Himalayan cats have blue eyes?

What colors do Himalayan cats come in? While all Himalayans have a distinct colorpoint pattern, their colors can vary. One thing to note: All Himalayans have blue eyes.

Do Himalayan cats like to cuddle?

These felines enjoy playing with toys, although they aren’t likely to go wild climbing your curtains like some other breeds. They are intelligent and very attuned to their owners, often greeting them at the door after an absence. Himalayan cats love to cuddle, be petted, and spend time interacting with their family.