what does it mean when cat licks your hand

One reason your cat may lick you is because it’s a way of creating a social bond. From a young age a cat’s mother would not only lick them as a way of grooming them, but also to show affection. Cats then replicate this behaviour with you as a way of showing their own affection – it simply comes naturally.

3. Your Hands Taste Like Food

It’s possible that the cat can still taste the food on your hands if you’ve just eaten. Your cat may lick your hands as a result of this just because it tastes good. Generally, depending on the situation, you can determine whether this is the cause of your cat’s behavior.

If your fingers taste good, even cats who don’t appear to engage in social licking will lick them.

what does it mean when cat licks your hand

The 7 Reasons Why Your Cat Licks Your Hand & Fingers

It’s normal for two cats to exchange licks when they get along. Typically, grooming is used to accomplish this, but it’s not always the case. Mother cats, for instance, lick their kittens, which fosters social bonds.

It may also be a cat’s natural response to establishing a hierarchy as well as showing affection, and it has been suggested that cats groom each other, also called allogrooming, particularly on the head and neck area, as a way to redirect potential social aggression.1 However, we know that this type of grooming behavior is common among cats who live together and share a strong social bond.

Not only do cats like other cats in the house, but they also lick humans because they feel a connection to them. If your cat has been acting in this way from an early age, it’s possible that they were weaned sooner or that their lack of mother socialization led to the development of certain behavioral traits.

Some cats seem to like licking more than others. Your cat may still like you even if they aren’t licking you. Depending on the cat’s temperament, some will lick frequently, while others won’t lick at all. However, licking you by your cat is typically an indication of affection

what does it mean when cat licks your hand

Some cats also lick objects when they’re stressed. It’s like a nervous tick. Your cat might start licking you if it starts to lick too much. This behavior may also result in overgrooming, a behavior in which your cat licks a body part until the hair starts to fall out. They can also lick the floor or their sleeping spot.

If stress is not acknowledged and managed, it can result in major health problems. Cats get stressed for all sorts of reasons. Maybe something has changed in your routine that is making your cat anxious. However, some cats can become stressed because of an illness. They typically hide their symptoms quite well, so it’s unlikely that you will even be aware that something is off.

Cats will occasionally lick you or themselves to relieve stress because licking releases endorphins, which improves their mood and provides them with comfort. If you observe that your cat is licking excessively, watch out for any other odd behaviors and contact your veterinarian for assistance. They could indicate that something more serious is going on.

When is cat licking a problem?

What is the threshold for excessive licking, and are there any additional risks connected to excessive cat licking?

The short answer is that you should never lick someone more than what irritates you or feels excessive. Like with any other problematic behavior, you can take steps to minimize and correct it so that you and your cat can coexist peacefully.

But because there are so many possible explanations for your cat licking you, it’s critical to recognize any symptoms or circumstances that might point to a more serious problem so you can seek the appropriate assistance. These include:


Why did my cat lick my hand?

Some reasons cats might lick you include basic grooming, showing affection, or wanting attention. While some cat parents might not mind the occasional lick, others might find it uncomfortable since a cat’s tongues can be rough on the skin.

Do cats licking you mean kisses?

“Throughout their lives, cats lick one another if they live in a multi-cat household.” Since cats give and receive love to one another through licking, it only makes sense that they’d lick their favorite people, too! Think of it as their way of giving you kisses and showing how much they love and appreciate you.

Why does my cat hold my hand?

There’s no doubt that cats love attention, especially from humans. By placing their paw in your hand or grabbing your hand with their paws, your cat could be looking for attention. This can be a simple acknowledgment from you, or they may want to be rubbed or picked up.

Why does my cat grab my hand and lick it?

Cats Lick You to Show Affection From the time we’re kittens, we lick to groom each other, especially spots that are hard to reach by ourselves. Cats are master contortionists, but even we have limits. So, a reasonable amount of licking is most likely your cat bonding with you.