are all grey cats russian blue

The mauve paw pads are a big giveaway you’ve got a Russian Blue as opposed to some other breed of gray cat. Most of the other breeds that come in gray will have gray or black paw pads. Russian Blues have a distinctive green eye color. There is no other eye color for a Russian Blue.

2. Physical Attributes

Physical characteristics are one of the best ways to distinguish between a Russian blue and a grey cat.

  • Typically, Russian blue kittens have fur that is deep gray in color with white tips. This also applies to mature Russian Blue cats, whose fur is usually denser than that of most other cat breeds.

While regular gray cats may have the same coat colors as Russian Blues, they do not have the silver tips.

  • While the majority of gray cats have different eye colors (such as copper for Chartreux and British Shorthair), Russian Blue cats also typically have green eyes.
  • Although the color varies amongst Russian Blues, some may have paw pads that are lighter or darker than others, their paw pads are typically light pink or mauve.
  • Russian Blues are typically lean and muscly. These pets are average in terms of size when compared to other felines, weighing between 7 and 12 pounds and standing 9 to 11 inches tall. Your gray cat most likely belongs to a different breed if it is very large.
  • Russian Blues’ fur grows in a way that gives them an almost shimmering appearance. Typical gray-colored cats usually just have monotone coloring.
  • Other characteristics to watch out for were a wedge-shaped head and a continuous line extending from the tip of the nose to the forehead. Cats without these features are not Russian Blues.

What Makes Russian Blues So Special?

The Russian Blue cat is one of the many cat breeds that stands out for its elegance, grace, and beauty. This breed is a popular and enjoyable companion for cat lovers due to its distinctive appearance, history, and personality.

However, what distinguishes Russian Blues from other breeds of cats, and how can you identify one?

How Do You Identify a Russian Blue Cat?

It should come as no surprise that a lot of people get lost when talking about cats. In contrast to dogs, which can be easily identified by their breed, many people mistakenly believe that there are different types of cats.

A Russian blue mix cat can occasionally be confused for a true Russian blue cat.

As stated by feline enthusiasts on Reddit:

Having said that, what are some telltale signs that indicate your cat might be a Russian blue?

The Russian blue’s personality is an interesting thing to consider. They are playful and inquisitive cats who enjoy spending quality time with their owners.

Despite being intelligent and loving cats, they can spend a lot of time alone at home.

They’re not as gentle as other cats, though, so you can’t just pick them up whenever you want. You must wait for your Russian Blue to approach you and make a request for love.

Therefore, it might not be a Russian Blue if your cat is extremely amiable with new people and pets. In contrast to certain other species like the Oriental Shorthair, which can also have gray fur, this breed also has a tendency to be quiet.


Are all grey cats with green eyes Russian Blue?

No. Korat is a Thai breed it is a silvery Grey cat with emerald green eyes. Chunkier than a Russian Blue that has Siamese heritage and the Korat has a rounder face but similar coloring.

How do you know if a cat is a Russian Blue?

However, they are a distinct breed with unique characteristics. Russian Blues stand out because of their bright green eyes. They are also slenderer in build with a wedge-shaped head, while their blue cousins tend to be stockier and rounder in the face.

What kind of breed is a grey cat?

Some of these breeds are exclusively grey, such as the Russian Blue, the Chartreux of France, the Korat of Thailand, and the Nebelung.

Are grey cats considered blue?

A Maltese (Italian: [malˈteːze]) cat is any whose fur is completely or primarily gray (often called “blue” by cat fanciers) and regardless of breed. Maltese is a coat-colour term, not a breed name.