are roses safe around cats

Fortunately, roses are non-toxic to cats. So, you don’t need to worry about the petals, leaves, and stems of a rose poisoning a cat if they ingest it. But it may upset their stomach and make them feel sorry for themselves, as roses are likely something outside of your cat’s regular diet.

Are roses dangerous to cats?

Roses (Rosa genus) are not thought to be toxic to cats, though they can cause minor problems if consumed or handled. Roses can pose a few risks to your feline companions, but these can be mitigated with a few easy safety measures and vigilance.

Roses, unless they have been stripped of their thorns, are covered in sharp prickles that can splinter and injure any animal, even nosy cats. Cats frequently use their paws to grab their “prey” before chomping down, which can cause paw injuries. Scratching is a risk for cats who love to rub their faces on everything in their domain.

Even though rose petals don’t contain any toxins, cats may have stomach problems if they consume them because they aren’t used to eating a lot of plant material. The cat might vomit a few times after this, possibly including some chewed rose petals, but it shouldn’t keep them sick for very long. Related article.

Although they look lovely in your garden, keep those ravenous cats away. Here’s why.

Other types of roses

Certain flowers referred to as “roses” are poisonous to cats even though they aren’t truly a member of the rose family.

These toxic roses include:

  • Christmas rose
  • Easter rose
  • Primrose
  • Desert rose
  • Moss rose
  • Rosebay
  • Rose of Sharon

How do I stop my cat from eating roses?

Cats may not enjoy having a vase full of roses on their favorite perch because they are not known to appreciate the aesthetic benefits of flowers in their surroundings. Roses should be kept in a sturdy container that is difficult for your cat to tip over and kept away from surfaces and areas that your cat frequents.

If your cat seems interested in your roses, divert their attention with a toy, laser pointer, or other pastime of theirs. The most effective strategy to stop undesirable behavior is to reward good behavior.


Are roses toxic to cats?

Fortunately, roses themselves are non-toxic to cats. If your cat has eaten any part of the rose bush or flower, toxicity is only a concern if flower food or pesticides were involved.

Are cats allowed near roses?

If you’re looking to put together a bunch of flowers for your home, or for someone you love, you might be wondering which flowers are cat safe. Thankfully, there are lots beautiful, pet-friendly petals you can use, including freesias, roses and snapdragons.

Are roses pet friendly?

All 100 species of rose are generally considered as completely harmless to all pets, so there is no need to worry. Just make sure they are as out of reach as possible to ensure that your pet doesn’t accidentally cut themselves on the thorns.

Do cats like roses smell?

While they won’t put on the gloves and start weeding, they’ll love smelling certain flowers and plants. Like humans, cats love the smell of roses. Not only are these old favourites nice for a cat’s sense of smell, they’re even edible. So from time to time, you can give your cat BFF a rose or two.