can maine coon cats be small

Regardless of their ancestry, there’s no denying they’re a tough breed well-suited to prowl around in the harsh New England winters. There is no such thing as a small lap cat when it comes to Maine Coons: Adult males can weigh up to 25 pounds, with their slightly daintier female counterparts weighing 10–14 pounds.

Maine Coons and Semi-Wild Domestic Cats

Semi-wild domestic cats are also known as hybrid cats. These cats, like the Asian leopard cat, jungle cat, or occicat, were first created by crossing domestic and wild cats. These cats often grow to the size of Maine coons.

Comparing Male and Female Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are often known for their friendly, laid-back personality. Because they are known to enjoy human company and being around children, they can make excellent family pets, but they can also occasionally be stubborn. Maine Coons can be trained to perform basic tasks like fetching a ball or ringing a bell to go outside. If they believe you are carrying food, they will follow you around like your shadow.

Compared to female Maine Coons, males are typically more energetic and will spend a lot of time playing with their owners and other pets in your house. Males are generally leaner than females when they are young, but by adulthood, the difference in weight between males and females of the same age is only about 5 to 10 pounds.

Why Are They So Big?

can maine coon cats be small

Photo by Thierry LEMARECHAL

A combination of factors, including their environment, diet, and genetics, account for the large size of Maine coons. When Maine Coons are kittens, their growth rate accelerates, but later slows down to allow for the continued development of their skeleton and muscles.

This is mainly due to breeding. This long-haired breed was developed to be a barn cat resistant to the hard winters in the Northeast. In addition to requiring more maintenance, their long hair helps keep them warmer in the winter.

Their propensity for large stature can be attributed to a number of factors, such as their selective breeding for larger sizes, their past as raccoon hunters, and their thick fur coats, which help them withstand colder climates.


Is it possible to have a small Maine Coon cat?

Could Maine Coon Cats Be Small? Yes, they can be small compared to large Maine Coons and there are a few reasons why your cat might not be growing to its full size. For example, genetics play a huge role in whether your cat will reach the higher end of the Maine Coon averages. Another reason could be their diet.

How big is the smallest Maine Coon?

Official Name
Maine Coon
Pet Height
10 to 16 inches
Pet Weight
8 to 18 pounds
10 to 13 years
Good With
cats, children, dogs, families, seniors

How can I tell if my cats a Maine Coon?

Maine Coons have extremely thick shaggy fur all over their bodies. They have even more fur around their necks and tails. The Maine Coon looks like a stoic lion, as the fur on their neck and chest is prominent with a magnificent frontal ruff. The coat is somewhat heavy yet also silky.

Can Maine Coons be short?

It sounds like ‘Maine’ is just a nickname someone came up with to refer to Maine Coons. A Maine Coon is a very large breed. On average, they are 10–16 inches tall at the shoulder, 20–40 inches long and weigh 8–25 lbs.