can pregnant cats go into heat

This is because the fertilised eggs only implant themselves in your cat’s uterus towards the end of week two, so your cat will likely still be unaware that she is pregnant. Her heat cycles may continue during this time and if she mates again she could have kittens from different fathers.

Personality Changes in a Pregnant Cat

These character and mood changes are also indicative of pregnancy:

  • Increased affection: Your cat may become more loving than usual and may approach you more often. Give it to her, please! But during this time, you may notice that your pregnant cat is less tolerant of other household pets.
  • Sleeping more: Compared to before pregnancy, many pregnant queens will sleep for longer periods of time each day.
  • Nesting behaviors: Usually, a few weeks prior to giving birth, your cat will start “nesting.” Cats frequently locate a quiet area and spend a lot of time there. They might even try dragging pillows or other plush objects into the nest. Give your cat a birthing box that’s simple for her to enter and exit to keep her from selecting an uncomfortable place to give birth, like a drawer or a hard-to-reach place. A few soft blankets that can be thrown away or washed as they get dirty should be placed inside the box.

How long is a cat pregnant

Although a cat’s pregnancy typically lasts between 63 and 67 days, it can be difficult to determine the precise duration of a cat’s pregnancy. There is a range of 61 to 72 days in the gestation period for cats.

Usually, your cat (queen) won’t exhibit any outward signs of pregnancy until a few weeks into her term. See the veterinarian if you suspect your cat is pregnant so that the diagnosis can be made.

After two or three weeks, there are a few physical indicators that you should be able to recognize if you’d like to know how to determine if your cat is pregnant.

Signs of impending/active cat labour

  • It’s possible that your cat’s labor is about to begin if she refuses food, becomes restless, and searches for a quiet area to settle down.
  • Your cat’s body temperature will drop to around 37. 8°C in the 12-24 hours before her labour starts.
  • Mothers may become more talkative, agitated, and want to wash themselves all the time just before giving birth.
  • Abdominal contractions should be strong during delivery, and she should experience some vaginal discharge afterwards. Get in touch with your veterinarian if the discharge is blood-colored or thick and black.
  • After this discharge, the kittens should follow very quickly!

Most cat births are uneventful, and you shouldn’t have to step in. However, there are some indicators that may point to problems, like discolored discharge and mother straining but failing to give birth to kittens.

Get in touch with your veterinarian if you observe any of these or have any other worries. For more details on cats giving birth, see our guide on labor and delivery.


Will a cat go in heat if she is pregnant?

In fact, 10 percent of female cats go into heat between the third and sixth week of pregnancy. Although these cycles are rarely fertile, it actually is possible for a cat to be carrying fetuses of different ages, resulting from separate matings in different heat cycles! The scientific term for this is “superfetation.”

Why is my cat acting like she’s in heat when she’s pregnant?

Kia may be pregnant, as the hormonal changes that happen with pregnancy can make them act like they are in heat. It is also possible that she is not pregnant. Cats are typically pregnant for about 60 days, and it might be a good idea to keep Kia inside and away from male cats until you are sure.

Can mother cats go into heat?

Lactation (aka nursing) does not prevent a heat cycle, so a female cat might go into heat while she’s still nursing her young. If she mates during this time, she might become pregnant again.

Do cats mate during pregnancy?

During her pregnancy she will have no interest in the male and he will not be thinking about mating. Your female will come into heat again, possibly while she is still nursing her kittens. She can get pregnant with another set of kittens while she is raising the first batch.