do cats like spicy food

Therefore, they may sense a bit of spice, but it won’t be anywhere near what a human may taste. For this reason, your cat may not react strongly to spicy food at all. However, most cats can smell that something is spicy, so they may avoid eating it altogether.

Can Cats Eat Spicy Food? (In Short)

Cats have many heightened senses in comparison to us humans. However, taste is not one of them.

Cats are capable of tasting spice, but it is not at all healthy for them. Give your cat no spices, jalapeños, chillies, or other spicy foods on purpose.

Both they and your carpets will appreciate it.

Why Do Some Cats Beg for Spicy Foods?

Cats are curious by nature. They love imitating their favorite human.

They want to eat spicy food if their owner is enjoying it. Additionally, the rich and alluring aroma of spicy food is not helpful.

When a cat has just finished eating, its unique scent is enough to lure it in. Plus, spicy meals are usually meat-based. Do you see where we are going with this?.

But it’s never a good idea to give it to them, no matter how much they beg for it. Especially if you have no idea of the ingredients.

While some cats are drawn to spicy food due to its aroma, others avoid it for the same reason. It smells terrible to them. If so, congrats! You don’t need to worry about anything.

It’s almost like you won some lucky cat jackpot!

The Capsaicin in Spicy Food Isn’t Good for Your Cat

Even though you enjoy spicy food, avoid feeding it to your cat. Capsaicin, which is used to flavor many spicy foods, can cause your poor cat a lot of stomach problems, including vomiting. 1 It may cause your cat’s eyes to become wet and his nose to become runny. Some people even use cayenne pepper in their gardens as a natural cat repellent because of its highly unpleasant capsaicin content. 2.

Many foods eaten by humans contain capsaicin, such as chili peppers and jalapeños. Even spices you might not think to contain small amounts of it, like oregano, cinnamon, and cilantro 3.


What happens if cats eat spicy food?

You may love spicy food, but don’t give any to your kitty. Many spicy foods get their flavoring from capsaicin, which can give your poor cat a lot of stomach troubles, including vomiting. Your cat’s eyes might get watery and he might have a runny nose from it too.

Do cats like the smell of spicy food?

They might squint, back away, or just up and leave the stinky space. Some of the most common smells cats hate include citrus, vinegar, peppermint, pine, onions, or spicy food. The dislike for certain smells might be rooted in survival, says Dr.

Why do cats like hot Cheetos?

First, many cats do like crunchy stuff. With my cat, it might be like eating a grasshopper, which he loves. Second, warming the Cheeto (I hope it’s not actually hot) would warm up the oils in it, and cats do often like oily stuff. And those warm oils might contain a scent that he likes.

What spices can cats eat?

Thyme is a good example, with its fragrant smell an essential to cooking and a beautiful addition to your garden. Other herbs such as sage, saffron, cinnamon, rosemary, parsley, basil, pampas grass, jasmine, great willow herb, and dill are all examples of non-toxic herbs to cats.