how much to trim cat nails

Why You Should Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Most cat owners clip their felines nails to prevent them getting caught on carpet, bedding, or clothes—which can happen when their claws get too long. “Technically you do not have to trim a cats nails like you do a dogs nails, unless they are having issues where the nails are thicker and curling into the paw pads, which usually only happens in some cats when they are older,” says Nicole Savageau, VMD for The Vets.

You can save money by doing your own nail trimming for your cat and avoid making additional trips to the vet or groomer every few weeks. “Nevertheless, see your veterinarian to have your cat’s nails clipped if it is difficult for you to cut its nails, if it gets very stressed out, or if you think you might get scratched,” advises Dr. Miller.

How To Cut Cat Nails: Step-By-Step

Are you ready to begin? Cuevas Moreno advises taking your time and not moving on to the next step until the cat is at ease with the previous one.

  • After your cat has settled into a comfortable position, make sure they feel at ease near the clippers. Cuevas Moreno advises “desensitizing the cat to the clippers by letting it see and smell them.” “Apply the clippers to the cat’s body and reward calm behavior with a treat.” ”.
  • Next, Cuevas Moreno advises, “get your cat used to you touching its paw and applying pressure to expose the nail.” This is also your chance to find the nail’s quick (see below for why this is crucial). “Offer a treat and end the session if the cat stays calm and lets you to expose its claw,” the author continues.
  • Cuevas Moreno advises bringing the clippers close to the claw and giving your cat another treat if they are still happy. She goes on, “Repeat steps 1 and 2 at random times, switching the exposed claw and the feet.” “You want the cat to stay still so you can touch it, show off its claw, and get clippers close.” Do not push beyond its limits. ”.
  • All set? It’s time to snip. Cuevas Moreno says, “Once the cat is confident, trim one claw.” “Your cat will feel less pressure if you clip in a single, smooth motion from top to bottom instead of going side to side,” the expert continues. ” Don’t forget to reward with a treat.
  • Cuevas Moreno says, “If you feel the cat is confident, try to do two claws in one session and gradually work your way up.” “The cat will eventually allow all of its claws to be trimmed in one session,” she continues, but until then, proceed cautiously to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.
  • Get comfy. Mize advises, “Select a position that is most comfortable for your cat. This could be laying in your lap or on their preferred napping perch.” Some cats prefer to be kept in place by being loosely covered in a towel—a “kitty purrito,” as we like to call it!
  • Less is more. “Never cut too short,” Cuevas Moreno notes. “Cut only a few millimeters from the tip. ”.
  • Partner up. It can be beneficial to have a friend or family member hold and soothe the cat.
  • Have treats on standby. We all like getting rewards, and cats are no different. To keep your cat distracted during the process, give them their favorite toys or treats. You’d be shocked at how many cats can be bought off with a good diversion, claims Mize.
  • Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. If your cat has long hair, hold it back while clipping it with a gentle sweep of your thumb or finger.
  • Find a quiet place. Turn on the T.V. because your cat is easily distracted or startled by loud noises or lots of activity. V. off or ask the kids to move to another room.

how much to trim cat nails

Use Clippers That Work for You

There are various kinds of clippers available, such as guillotine-style, scissor-shaped, pliers-style, and nail grinders; however, the most suitable choice is the one that is most comfortable for you to operate. However, there is one guideline to follow when selecting the proper clippers: they should be designed especially for cats. Dog clippers should be avoided as they are usually larger and more cumbersome. Another factor to consider is sharpness; a dull pair will squeeze the nail rather than cut through it.

“I use nail clippers designed specifically for cats that cut from side to side, opening and closing like a pair of scissors. I avoid using guillotine style trimmers because they are more difficult to operate and can cause accidental cuts that injure your cat,” says Dr. Savageau. If you’re cutting a nail that has grown into a circle, scissors are also useful.

how much to trim cat nails


How much does it cost to get a cat’s claws cut?

☑ Cat claws clipping for walking in customers will cost £15. ☑ Cats with thick, badly matted coats, old, difficult cats or newcomers will be charged an extra. Please, refer to our Pricing Examples page for guidelines as it’s extremely difficult to give an exact quote without seeing and assessing particular cat.

How much does it cost to cut a cat’s nails off?

Never cut to the quick, or your cat may bleed and become uncomfortable. If you’ve ever broken a nail, you know why cats don’t like it. Instead, only trim the white part of the claw. It’s always better to leave more claw than to cut too deep.

Will Petsmart cut my cat’s nails?

Our Grooming Salons offer: Professional stylists with over 800 hours of training & 6 months apprenticeship. Appointment services include full-service grooming & bathing. Walk-in services include nail trim, nail grind, PAWdicure, teeth brushing, ear cleaning services, trimming, dematting & more.

How often do indoor cats need their nails trimmed?

Trimming a cat’s claws every two to three weeks is an important part of maintaining your pet’s health. Not only does a quick trim protect you, your pet and your family, it can also save your sofa, curtains and other furniture.