how to get free cat food in battle cats

Completing a Go! Go! Pogo Cat or Battle Cats Quest mission can also grant Cat Food. After clearing Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 1, players will receive a discount of 70% for all purchases pertaining to Cat God in regard to Cat Food required for said purchases.

One of the most valuable resources in this game is catfood, which you can use to purchase various cat breeds, roll in the gacha, and do a lot of other things. But since many people struggle to save money and buy cat food, here’s a guide on where to get it and how to use it responsibly.

4) Wait to purchase the more pointless special cats until a half-price sale occurs.

3) Only use catfood to roll the gacha during “Guaranteed Uber in 11 Draw” events.

Of course, if you spend them carelessly on unimportant things, you will eventually run out of cat food regardless of how much you get.

Suicidal Speed Demon wrote: Saltedsweets: Use the tapjoy exploit; tapjoy isn’t meant to be exploited, my guy. it doesnt even work 90% of the time. make things easier for yourself and just adfarm. I would be genuinely amazed if you could even use your imagination to think of a way to accomplish that. especially considering the shit level of service tapjoy provides. Step1. Proceed with an offer that provides a reasonable quantity of cat food, but ensure it doesn’t involve downloading an app or making a purchase.

Although I prefer not to spend money on in-game items, Ponos occasionally tempts me to I need an Uber Rare and I’m guaranteed one if I draw ten. How am I going to get 1500 cat food for ten draws? I’ve been playing since 1. 2. 1, so I would have probably had enough to draw once if I had never spent any cat food. But that’s not the point. I’m sick of downloading apps to get free cat food; is there a quicker, easier, or less expensive way to get cat food? If not, hacking would be my last option, and I don’t want to take the chance of losing data. (edited by A Fandom user).

To those who argue that servays aren’t gifts, just adhere to this After completing the servays or watching advertisements on the rewards page, click report if you haven’t received the catfood. You’ll need to provide proof of completion, so take a screenshot of the servays you’ve completed. You have 12 hours to report after completing offers. I can earn an extra 300–400 cat food every day that I log in by doing this, and it only takes 10 minutes of my time. In addition, I replay Sol on harder difficulty to earn more cat food, so every day that I do this, I earn a total of 700–950 cat food! I hope this has been helpful (edited by Xasions). I do about 4 servays every day, and it only takes me a few minutes because I answer randomly and don’t pay attention to them.

Big stronk exploit so you dont die watching ads. Step1. Same as last time. Visit a deal that offers beeeeg ketfud; it’s okay if it’s an app. Step2. wait again ??? and report missing catfood. Step3. Only this has changed: locate a video of someone using the app on YouTube (NOT GOOGLE) (ensuring it doesn’t include a facecam and satisfies the offer’s requirements), then use that as evidence and yee I got 5. 4k catfood from it once. (edited by Suicidal Speed Demon).

Step2. After a day, report missing cat food, send them a meme, or do something else. Step3. That’s all, really. Wait and don’t forget to do two or three at a time. Okay, so this method is bad, but it does the job. If you’re interested, I can tell you about the other exploit, but it really violates a lot of rules.


Is there codes in Battle Cats?

A group of Cat Units can be unlocked by using Serial Codes, which always are included in Battle Cats Merchandise.

What games give you Cat Food for battle cats?

Through playing “Go! Go! Pogo Cat” and “Battle Cats Quest” and completing some missions in it, you can get 3 rare tickets, catfood and some powerups for each of the two games.