what does cat making biscuits mean

Traditionally, cats knead and “make biscuits” to show they feel happy and secure. Cats may also knead on you to express love towards you. Although kneading is usually nothing to worry about, you can always reach out to your veterinarian if you have any questions regarding your cat’s kneading behavior.

Adult cats, of course, don’t anticipate that their human or favorite blanket will become pregnant. Rather, kneading typically makes the cat feel content, amiable, and secure, according to Vitale. (Injured cats occasionally knead and purr, a behavior that experts believe may be an attempt at self-soothing, though it’s not as common.) ).

Kristyn Vitale, a certified applied animal behaviorist at Unity Environmental University, speculates that some of the juvenile behaviors she observes may have been directed at the owner in the past. Since cats will knead on their favorite or preferred person in the house, kneading can also be an affiliative social behavior that fosters bonding. ”.

Experts advise against punishing kneading due to its intrinsic benefits and positive associations—even if your cat’s claws occasionally hurt. Instead, make an effort to keep your pet’s claws clipped (declawing them is dangerous), and think about shielding yourself with a cozy blanket or pillow. Nelson advises against giving up on kneading too soon because it’s a sign of affection from them.

But why do domestic cats “make biscuits,” as kneading is sometimes called? Several theories have been put forth by behavior experts, but cats will always remain mysterious. “We don’t know, so some of these are just theories,” Kansas State University veterinarian Susan Nelson says. “Cats don’t get the funding for studies like dogs do. ”.

Although kneading is a clear indication that your cat likes you, don’t be upset if it doesn’t show much interest in you. “Your cat may still feel a bond with you even if it doesn’t knead.” According to Vitale, “They may also be purring, rubbing against you, or even just sitting close to you as other affiliative behaviors.” All of these could indicate that the cat and you have a close bond. ”.

Felines and Their Need to Knead

Even though most cats knead, the reason behind it is still somewhat mysterious. In essence, kneading is the movement cats make when they press their paws down on a blanket or their lap. There are a number of theories for this behavior, including:

  • A method of marking territory: All cats naturally mark their territory. Given that cats’ paws contain scent glands, it stands to reason that they are merely marking objects they believe to be their own—yes, even you!
  • Setting up a sleeping area: Just like dogs, who enjoy circling around and curling up in a spot to nap, cats also enjoy “setting up” their beds. This is typically accomplished in the wild by patting down grass or other vegetation. At home, blankets, bedding, or your lap will suffice.
  • Kneading as a feeding behavior: When a cat is nursing, they knead to get the milk flowing. This is a practical behavior. You are likely to witness this behavior if you ever see kittens with their mother. Adult cats are merely repeating a behavior that leads to a favorable result when they knead.
  • Basic comfort: One of the more widely accepted explanations for why cats knead is that they do so because it is comforting. Since purring frequently occurs when a cat is “making biscuits,” we associate this behavior with contentment. But no one has also been able to determine why cats purr—yet another enigma!


Why does my cat make biscuits?

Cats may knead because they want to use the scent glands on their paws to mark their territory. It may also be a carryover from kittenhood — kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk. Kneading is also a method of stretching, and it could be a sign that your cat likes you.

What are biscuits in cat terms?

Kneading (also referred to as making biscuits) is a behavior frequently observed in domestic cats where, when a cat feels at ease, it may push out and pull in its front paws against a surface such as furniture or carpet, often alternating between right and left limbs.

Why does my cat knead me and not my husband?

Cats Knead You Because They Feel Safe If your cat is kneading you, it’s likely because she feels safe with you. Just like she kneaded her mom when she was a kitten, she’s now kneading you—her new “pet-parent.” If she feels safe and secure when she’s with you, she may express this with a gentle knead.

Why does my cat knead with all 4 paws?

It is common for some cats to knead with all four paws. if they came from small litters where they had room to. stretch out and knead with all four or sometimes it is. developed as a means to keep other kittens away when.