what does cat position mean

“Cats can sleep in lots of different positions based on how hot or cold it is—a cold cat is more likely to curl up into a tight ball, whereas a warm cat will be more stretched out.” So a habitual sideways sleeper with outstretched limbs could indicate he’s feeling warm.

Top 10 Cat sleeping positions and what they mean

In order to help you better understand your feline companion, we have compiled a list of the most common cat sleeping positions along with their meanings. This way, you’ll be able to discern your cat’s emotions when you catch them mid-slumber!

    1 of 1 1. The Loaf

A common sleeping position that many cats take up is the “cat loaf.” It just looks like a loaf of bread, but instead of the loaf, it’s your cat! Your cat will curl its front paws under its body. If you see your cat dozing off in the loaf position, know that they are content and prepared to act quickly if necessary.

    1 of 1 2. Belly Up

You might have seen your pet stretched out on their preferred bed, on their back, exposing their stomach, if they enjoy belly rubs. If your cat prefers to sleep with their belly up, it indicates they feel very safe and comfortable with you. This sleeping position would make them very vulnerable in the wild.

    1 of 1 3. Eyes Half Shut

Occasionally, you might have noticed that your cat appears to be squinting or that their eyes are half closed, as if they are about to go asleep. Your cat might be sleeping in this manner because they believe they are in a situation where they must be able to respond rapidly and don’t want to be caught off guard by any potential threats at the last minute.

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The most popular cat sleeping position is this one, which is also referred to as the crescent Most cats prefer to sleep curled up because it protects them and maximizes body heat. In case you observe your feline companion dozing in this manner, it could indicate that they are experiencing feelings of cold or vulnerability, and it also serves to reassure them of their safety.

    1 of 1 5. Side Sleeping

For our animal companions, this is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions. Your cat is usually dozing off deeply when they are sprawled out on their side. Since the side is one of the cat sleeping positions that leaves your furry friend most vulnerable, if your cat sleeps on its side frequently, it indicates that they truly trust and feel comfortable around you.

    1 of 1 6. The Acrobat

Although it might seem like this sleeping position is very uncomfortable, it’s actually quite the opposite. Since many cats prefer to sleep in this position, we can only assume that it is comfortable, though there isn’t a true explanation for why they choose to do so. Your cat is not in pain, on the contrary, if you see it sleeping with its head twisted around and its back and front legs pointing in different directions!

    1 of 1 7. Hiding Their Face

Your cat may have been sleeping with their face covered; while this may seem cute at first, there are a few reasons why this is the case. If they appear to be doing nothing more than covering their eyes, this could be a sign that they are attempting to keep their nose warm by keeping their eyes dark.

However, if your cat seems to be cradling their head in their arms, this indicates that they are content to nap quietly and don’t want to be bothered.

    1 of 1 8. Up-right Seated Position

Certain cats prefer to sleep like elderly men, sitting up straight. Some may have their tails dangling between their legs in this manner, while others may have their tails encircling their paws and their tummies showing. Though many cats prefer to sleep in this manner, they won’t remain in this posture for more than 20 minutes at a time. One of those “ready for anything” sleeping positions is the upright seated cat position.

    1 of 1 9. Superman

Superman can make for a rather amusing sleeping position, particularly if your cat friend is extremely furry. When your cat is sleeping in this position, they should be stretched out and flat on their belly, with their paws also extended. This is another position of deep sleep that demonstrates their extreme relaxation.

    1 of 1 10. Tucked In

A lot of cats prefer to sleep in the coziness of beds, blankets, pillows, and throws. Therefore, if you discover that your cat has successfully squeezed itself under your duvet to take a nap, don’t be alarmed. Many cats naturally sleep in this position because it maximizes body heat and fulfills their instinct to find a quiet, safe place to sleep.

1. All Curled Up in a Furry Ball

what does cat position mean

Known by another name, the “crescent,” this is one of the more popular sleeping positions for cats. It helps your cat maximize his body heat for additional warmth, which is one explanation for that. It’s also a sleeping position that shields the important organs of your cuddly companion.

Wild cats frequently sleep in this posture because it is a part of their innate instinct to defend themselves. This position gets its name because curled-up cats frequently curl their back in a shape that resembles a crescent.

When your cat is feeling a little insecure, they might also opt for this posture. It helps them feel protected.

what does cat position mean

Common Cat Sleeping Positions

what does cat position mean

As you’ve likely noticed, cats will sleep anywhere. They’ll be dozing off in a cardboard box, on top of the refrigerator, or in that drawer you forgot to close. You never know where your cat will decide to curl up next.

You’ll find that the range of sleeping cat positions is more extensive than what we mere humans can manage. Their odd places and choices of sleep positions will make you wonder if there is any real meaning to them. As it turns out, your cat’s sleeping positions do reveal something about your furry friend.

Let’s examine the different catnap positions and their definitions:


What are cat positions called?

The most common position cats sleep in is called the Crescent, according to Zac Pilossoph, consulting veterinarian at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Some people also call this pose the Donut. In this pose, your cat curls up in a ball, with their head bent toward their feet and their tail tucked in.

What is the alert position of a cat?

Straight Up and Forward. A cat will move its ears into this alert position when they want to pay closer attention to what’s going on around them. Your cat wants to know, “What’s that noise?

What does it mean when a cat is in a loaf position with head down?

They may be trying to protect vital organs that are in distress, and they may generally be in pain or under stress,” says Quandt. For example, kidney disease has been linked to the version of the meatloaf position where the head is down on the ground and the front paws may be extended, he adds.

What does it mean when a cat curls up next to you?

Their desire for warmth, security, routine, physical contact, and affection draws them to our sides, creating a unique and heartwarming bond between felines and their human companions. As we drift off to sleep, our feline friends curl up beside us, their rhythmic purrs a testament to the deep connection we share.