what does it mean when a cat shakes her tail

If her tail is twitching back and forth at the end, she most likely is feeling alert and interested in something that is happening. If, however, her tail is switching strongly from side to side, she is most likely feeling angry, excited, or irritable.

3. When a Cat’s Tail Shakes or Quivers While Urinating

what does it mean when a cat shakes her tail

When cats need to urinate to empty their bladder, they usually squat to do so on a horizontal surface. If they are spraying pee, on the other hand, they will stand with their backs against a vertical surface and their tails quivering as they shoot a tiny bit of urine backward.

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Urine spraying is a normal behavior in cats. It is a kind of scent communication that is primarily employed to demarcate boundaries in territory. It’s okay if you witness your cat urinating outdoors. If your cat has begun to spray urine indoors, though, you might not be too happy about this development!

Here are some typical explanations for classic urine spraying behavior in cats, which involves standing, wriggling tail, and spraying a small amount of urine onto a vertical surface:

  • Pain or discomfort: Cats with urinary issues, such as UTIs, frequently stop their regular squatting position and instead urinate standing up, a behavior that is sometimes mistaken for spraying. For this reason, if you notice your cat spraying, getting a check-up at the vet to rule out urinary disease is a good first step.
  • Territorial conflicts: If you have multiple cats, you might notice some fighting over who gets to keep what and that they may even spray urine to try to scare each other away. Give each cat a separate food bowl, water bowl, litter box, toys, and bed that is kept in a secure area to help lessen this. This will help to lessen the competition.
  • Stress: Your cat might begin to spray urine if they are feeling nervous about something, like construction work, fireworks, or a new baby. This is a result of them sending themselves scent cues to confirm that their designated areas are safe. In this situation, offer lots of hiding places along with a pheromone diffuser to help soothe them.

what does it mean when a cat shakes her tail

Cats’ tails are an insight into their mood and behaviors. In certain situations, a trembling tail can be advantageous or detrimental. To better understand your cat and make sure you are providing for all of their needs, become adept at reading their body language.

Why does my cat’s tail quiver when I talk to him?

Cats are attention-seekers, and when you engage with them, their tails should quiver upright to show that they are happy and will respond well to your conversation.

1. When a Cat’s Tail Shakes or Quivers Toward a Human

The good news is that your cat is happy to see you when you arrive home after a demanding day at work if you find them approaching you with their tail erect and trembling. This is also probably what happens when a fresh bag of cat treats is opened.

However, you may want to give your cat a break if they begin to shake their upper tail while you are petting or playing with them. When a tail begins to shake, it’s usually a sign of irritation or nervousness, especially if it becomes fluffed up or thrashing. This warning signal prior to aggression, conveyed through tail language, is “Leave me alone!”